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Annual Bus Rodeo and Custodial Jamboree

The annual Bus Rodeo and Custodial Jamboree is a vibrant event that both sharpens and celebrates the skills and dedication of the district's transportation and custodial staff. It features drivers competing in teams across various stations, including bus pre-trip inspections, reverse maneuvering through tight courses, bus evacuation drills, spatial awareness exercises like "bumper basketball" (knocking 3 separate balls off pylons with back bumper), fire suppression training, and a comprehensive written test. 

These activities not only assess driver expertise but also foster collaboration, camaraderie, and mutual support among the drivers. Additionally, drivers receive important updates on procedures and participate in a group lunch, with the community contributing numerous prizes as tokens of appreciation.

Simultaneously, the Custodial Jamboree offers custodial staff specialized training and interactive sessions. Some of which include sessions on equipment maintenance, best practices for classroom and washroom cleaning using actual district products. A seminar on custodial ergonomics - based on Worksafe guidelines - addresses strategies to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Vendors showcase their products, engage with custodial staff, enhancing the learning experience. 

The event also includes a collaborative lunch where custodial and transportation teams mingle, and an afternoon session for direct interaction with management, discussing future plans and gathering feedback.

Overall, the Bus Rodeo and Custodial Jamboree highlights the essential contributions of transportation and custodial staff to SD8, and provides our staff with opportunities for professional development, team building, and recognition. The event promotes a spirit of teamwork and continuous improvement, ensuring that staff are well-equipped to maintain high standards of safety and cleanliness. 

This year's enthusiastic participation and positive feedback underscore the event's success and the anticipation for future gatherings.

Thanks to everyone who participated in and helped to organize this very important annual event - we have a great group of drivers and custodians working in across the district to support students!

Individual Bus Rodeo Winners (maximum points in bumper basketball and bus manoeuvering)

Len Skerik, Val Evans


Bus Rodeo Team Winners (maximum collective points in bumper basketball and bus manoeuvering)

Don McLean, Cole Truden, Rob Posnikoff, Ron Paniden, James Baudin