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Emerging Student Artists Showcase Paintings at NDCC

There’s an exciting new art gallery in town, and it includes a swimming pool, skating rink and fitness area. L.V. Rogers Secondary School (LVR) art students are showcasing Atmospheric Ink Paintings at the Nelson and District Community Complex (NDCC) until April 4. 

“I’m very proud of all the student artists participating in this show and thank the NDCC for providing the exhibition space. This is a working example of inclusion and an invitation for art and sports to show up together, reminding us of how health and well-being are found in a variety of aspects of ourselves,” said LVR Art and Ceramics Teacher Laurryn Asbell. 

The emergent artist space at the NDCC is designed for new artists to gain experience showing their work, while building their artist portfolio for future art related pursuits, such as post-secondary programs, Canada Council Grant applications or applying for shows or artist residencies.

“It’s such a cool experience to be able to have my artwork displayed in the community. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity,” said Grade 11 Art student Lily Love. 

Lily is using the NDCC show, as well as a solo show at the Nelson Public Library, to build her artist’s CV and gain experience exhibiting her work.  

The NDCC organized the purchase and installation of a hanging system for the community complex, and LVR students produced a range of ink paintings and drawings to display in the NDCC’s first emergent artists exhibition. 

“I hope the NDCC walls can be a space that emergent artists from across the community can access to gain experience exhibiting their work and building an audience. This show is a pilot for group of LVR students and for the NDCC, but we’re hoping to open up more space in the complex to other emerging artists with ongoing exhibitions and shows, including more works from young artists,” said Amanda Beavers, NDCC Regional Programmer.  

Atmospheric Perspective Ink Paintings is open until April 4, and anyone who enjoys fitness activities at the Nelson and District Community Complex can see the exhibition in the cardio area of the gym and in the entrance hallway opposite the ice rink. 

A fitness centre with rolled up mats along a wall on the right along with blue and tan fitness balls of various sizes on the back wall above which are hanging ink paintings in black frames against a white wall.