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J.V. Humphries Student Awarded Cmolik Undergradute Scholarship

- Madyson Isaak joins a select group of Cmolik recipients who show resolve and a willingness to give back to their community.

J.V. Humphries School grade 12 graduate Madyson Isaak has been awarded a 2024 Cmolik Undergraduate Scholarship that will pay the entire cost of her tuition and books while she pursues an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Thompson Rivers University this fall. 

The Cmolik Foundation, based in Surrey, B.C, rewards up to 20 students graduating from B.C. high schools each year for persevering with their education in the face of adversity and responding with positivity and tenacity to achieve their academic and social goals. The undergraduate scholarships provide students with $45,000 over a maximum of five years.  

“I didn’t think I would be able to get this [scholarship], but Ms. Terlingen said ‘Oh, you should apply for it,’ so I applied,” said Madyson, who was recommended by School Counsellor Meleana Terlingen, and nominated for the award by J.V.H. Principal Ron Sherman.

“I can’t think of a more deserving student than Madyson. She’s academically curious and a hard worker, she supports her classmates and other students in our K-12 school and she has faced the many challenges in her life with determination and grit. She is someone who embodies the characteristics of a Cmolik Foundation Scholarship candidate and I knew she had to apply,” said Terlingen.  

With her nomination confirmed, Madyson completed the scholarship application and made it through to the final step, an in-depth interview with the selection committee. When only a day after her interview the Cmolik Foundation contacted Madyson to say that she would be awarded a scholarship, she was overwhelmed. 

“I was in shock. I was like, I don’t know how to respond. It was incredible.” 

It wasn’t until Madyson was with her family at a special dinner held for current and past scholarship recipients and their families at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond this spring that she was fully convinced it was real. 

“The dinner was very fancy and was very like the Oscars, and we were all seated around tables, and they brought in past recipients who have graduated from university who got the scholarship and all the new students, and we all had badges so you could get to know other people.” 

In accepting a Cmolik Foundation Scholarship Madyson has agreed to complete her post-secondary degree within five years, and joined a community of recipients who pledge during their lifetime to fund another deserving, non-related student who has been nominated by their school principal for the award. In this ongoing cycle of support and mentorship, the Cmolik Foundation makes advanced education attainable for more students across B.C. who may not have seen a clear path to post-secondary education due to financial or other hardships.

“It’s great to see how excited Madyson has been during the first steps of becoming part of the Cmolik Foundation’s scholarship family when she attended the banquet and met the other recipients and university graduates. I’m really excited for her, and I know she’s going to have a promising future in her university studies and beyond,” said Principal Ron Sherman.

After Madyson graduates from university in Kamloops, she intends to pursue a career as a therapist or school counsellor. 

Photos: Director of Instruction Ben Eaton presents Madyson with her high school diploma as the JVH class of 2024 looks on; Madyson with her family at JVH graduation following the grand march and dance; Madyson and JVH Principal Ron Sherman.


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