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The Board of Education values the importance of student leadership and the contribution our students make to the learning process. Therefore, the Board is committed to the annual selection of Student Trustees. Student Trustees may serve up to a two-year term beginning in their grade 11 year. Two Student Trustees will represent each high school in our district. 

For more information: 

Read the Student Trustee Guidelines


Student Trustee Riordan Fisher - L.V. Rogers Secondary School

Riordan Fisher is a grade 12 student at LV Rogers and one of two student trustees serving in this position for the second consecutive year.  She aims to provide diverse representation for students from her school and to positively impact the student body at LV Rogers.

Riordan currently works at the Nelson and District Youth Centre where she loves to work and build relationships with children, being a factor in their development, and building their self-confidence. Riordan works to provide a safe and inclusive environment for people from all walks of life.

Riordan has a passion for the arts and is an experienced dancer. That has taught her dedication, how to pay attention to detail, and how to work hard independently, as a leader, or in a group.  She can see her future in the medical field which would allow her to positively impact people directly.


Student Trustee Angelia Thomson - L.V. Rogers Secondary School

Angelia Thomson is a Grade 12 student at LV Rogers Secondary School. She was inspired to become a student trustee to be the voice that represents LVR’s student body. As a student trustee she is interested in learning how the school board operates and how decisions are made. 

Angelia loves music. She grew up listening to her parents’ favourite songs, learned to play the piano and the guitar and is now creating her own music which she showcases at her radio show on Kootenay Co-op Radio.  Inspired by her love of music she enjoys expressing her interpretation of music through dance. 

In the future, Angelia plans on earning her Bachelor of Arts degree at UBC in Vancouver. She currently explores different career paths such as becoming a teacher, a lawyer, or work in the field of psychology.


Student Trustee Edwin Ludwar - Salmo Secondary School

Edwin Ludwar is in grade in 11 and goes to Salmo Secondary School. He wanted to become a student trustee because of valuing inclusivity, positive change, and marginalized values. Edwin feels being in this position of leadership will create opportunities to forward valuable concerns, underlying issues, and inclusive change towards the school board, in hopes of resolving them and creating a safer, less stressful school environment for all.
Edwin's interests include snowboarding, dirt biking, guitar, hiking, reading, and basically any outdoor activity as spending time outside is a great way to relax. He is particularly interested in the field of psychology, especially specialized fields of study such as neurology and biology.
With interest in different areas, Edwin’s in exploring career pathways that revolve around nature or psychology. A teacher at Salmo Secondary School gave him the idea of becoming an animal behaviorist; other possible career paths are to become a conservation officer or working in the field of psychology.
Edwin is excited to be a student trustee, and wants to thank the school board and Salmo Secondary School for this opportunity to empower the voice of students.


Student Trustee Ellie Still - Salmo Secondary School

Ellie Still is in grade 11 and is the Student Trustee for Salmo Secondary School. Elli wanted to become a student trustee so she can use her voice for the benefit of her school community and bring in her leadership skills. 
Elli plays softball, volleyball, basketball, and enjoys skiing. She is part of the Salmo Youth Advisory Committee (YAK).
Elli is interested in psychology, which is why she wants to studying it in university, and eventually start her professional career in the mental health field.


Student Trustee Daisy Lamoureux - J.V. Humphries Elementary/Secondary School

Daisy Lamoureux attends J.V. Humphries and is currently in grade 11. She has a lot of big ideas and loves being involved in many different aspects of her community, which drew her into being a part of SD8’s student trustee community. Both of her older brothers used to be student trustees and hearing their stories and seeing their growth inspired her to become a student trustee herself.
Daisy is passionate about volleyball which she began in her elementary school years. She also enjoys a variety of active and outdoor activities spending most of her time in the mountains skiing or hiking.
Daisy is exploring different pathways for her post-secondary education. Her interests are in the areas of teaching, working in the medical field, or the area of earth science. After graduating she plans to travel to get new perspectives.


Student Trustee Micah Luchetta - J.V. Humphries Elementary/Secondary School

Micah Luchetta attends JV Humphries in grade 12. He wanted to become a student trustee to bring student voices and concerns to the board to help create positive, student-centric changes in schools.
Micah loves to spend time running in the mountains and enjoying nature. In his free time, he can be found building/creating custom go-karts. Micah recently attended a summer program in Italy put on by MUNER University which has a focus on automotive engineering – this opportunity was a dream come true for Micah.
Micah aspires to become a mechanical engineer and work in the automotive industry, designing and testing high-performance vehicles.


Student Trustee Calvin Vander Horst - Mount Sentinel Secondary School

Calvin Vander Horst is a grade 11 student at Mount Sentinel Secondary School. Gaining insights into how a school district operates as well as taking on responsibility for other students motivated him to become a student trustee.
Calvin enjoys reading articles, as well as writing – both of it created opportunities to reflect on his positions and widen his horizon. In his spare time, you can often find Calvin kayaking, going on walks, and hiking.
After graduating high school, he is aiming for an Archeology diploma from Northern Lights College. Calvin’s dream is to write and publish books to establish himself as a writer.


Student Trustee Cassidy Popoff - Mount Sentinel Secondary School

Cassidy Popoff is a grade 11 student at Mount Sentinel Secondary School. She wanted to become a student trustee to learn more about her school community and work together as a team. 

Cassidy plays in the senior volleyball team at Mount Sentinel, enjoys reading, and spending time with friends and family. Cassidy is Castlegar’s princess 2023-2024. She would like to travel the world one day and is looking forward to joining Rotary Interact on a project in a developing country.

In the future, Cassidy plans to go to a post-secondary institution and become a nurse, then specialize into becoming a Neonatal nurse and work in the NICU. Her goal is to be working and caring for babies as well as bringing together.


Student Trustee Tanjot Tiwana - Kootenay River Secondary School

Tanjot's bio will be posted shortly.


Student Trustee Amber Parsons - Kootenay River Secondary School

Amber's bio will be posted shortly.