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Message from the Board

We believe every child should be supported and inspired to thrive. We strive to prepare our students for a world that is changing at an exponential rate, and we recognize that children learn in all environments—their homes, their communities, as well as their classrooms.

Because of this understanding, all Board committees (Education, Policy, and Finance and Operations)include all trustees, district and school administrators, parents, teachers, and support staff.

Every discussion starts with the student at the forefront. Committee members contribute their perspectives for the Board’s consideration in their decision-making for the district.

Collaboratively, we work towards the priorities of Lifelong Learners, Connected Learners, Caring and Inclusive Learning Culture, Cultural and Identity Development, and Career Development which we believe will best sustain each student’s success. We also believe students can broaden our perspective on how best to support their learning. We will continue to engage students and offer as many opportunities as possible for them to present and speak to us. We value their voice at our table.

SD8 is proud of our accomplishments, embraces our challenges, and knows that together we will adjust to the ever-changing context around us to focus on and maximize our students’ success.


The Board of Education


Strategic Plan 2024-2029  

Strategic Plan One-Page Summary