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Graduation Procedures

Graduation marks a significant transition in a young person's life, and that it also represents the culmination of over a decade of work and effort to achieve prescribed Ministry of Education goals and outcomes of a formal academic educational program. In an effort to recognize this achievement and maintain reasonable and consistent expectations, the District holds schools to the following expectations and guidelines: 


  • Graduation shall exclusively describe the process of completing and leaving grade twelve; other terms such as 'celebration', 'completion', or 'transition' many be used to mark other significant milestones such as Kindergarten, Grade Sever, or middle years. 
  • The terms 'Graduation Ceremony' or 'Graduation Exercise' describes the event in which students are recognized for completing their grade twelve year or put another way  - thirteen years of education. 
  • Graduation Ceremony is an event of academic achievement - 13 years of learning - not just Grade 12, and remains separate from other events such as dinners, dances, or socials, which are generally not part of the school's formal program. 


  • All students will be passing all subjects effective June 1st to be considered for participation in their graduation ceremony. Some schools may have earlier deadlines depending on their actual Graduation ceremony. Check with your school Principal. 
  • All students on a 'Dogwood' diploma program are expecting to have all coursework at least 90% completed by June 1 of their graduation year. Students must be registered in at least one course during the year they wish to graduate. A student with a course or courses with less than this amount completed may not participate in graduation ceremonies with their peers. 
  • The Principal will make a determination as to whether or not this has been accomplished. 
  • Parents of students with significant graduation complications or deficits will be notified in writing by February of their graduating school year. 
  • Students on an 'Evergreen' school completion program will be expected to complete their programming in a similar fashion to dogwood students. Our intent is to celebrate the achievement of graduation for all of our students. 
  • No students shall be excluded from graduation exercises because of the inability to pay fees. 
  • No student shall participate in more than one graduation ceremony. 
  • All students must be primarily registered in School District 8.